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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Good by cuda hello trident!!!  (Read 987 times)

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Stoked to be getting out of my Jackson that I've been paddling since 2012 and pulled the the trigger on a new 2016 trident 15. Steep and cheap cleared them out at $599. So I just had to jump on the deal.
 I can't wait to get out and see how this boat does in the slop. I was pretty happy with my cuda until simply fishing 3yrs ago I spent more time trying not to turtle than I did fishing. The following year I borrowed tw's t13 and absolutely fell in love with that boat. So after watching for deals and them all showing up when I couldn't grab them,this fell into my lap just at the right time.


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You apparently lucked into one still in stock.  :smt007


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You apparently lucked into one still in stock.  :smt007
I did I watched them for a couple days waiting for my work bonus to get deposited. Initially they had 1 urban camo and 4 lemongrass. This morning I was able to grab the last one.


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Congratulations, that is a dream set up. So fast and stable. And what a price, you absolutely killed it.
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One of the best fishing kayaks ever.Great ocean boat.Good for you Mike.
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Ocean Kayak Trident 13 urban camo
RTM Abaco orange and black   HELL YEAH


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Lucky angler alert!  Congrats on that deal!
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