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Topic: Newbie  (Read 203 times)

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Hi All,

I'm in San Rafael and want to start kayak fishing.  I met an extremely nice fishermen, Eric, cleaning some fish at Ocean Cove Groundground who showed me and my family his rigs and mentioned this site.

I'm in the gathering information phase about how to get started, i.e. equipment, kayaks, places to go, etc...  Also, I'm looking for an experienced guide to book for the day, hopefully, December 2nd at Ocean Cove Campground.

Thanks for any help steering me in the right direction.



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Hey Pat,
Unless they changed their schedule, Ocean Cove Campground doesn't open again until the beginning of April. There is Gerstle Cove or Woodside campground just a short distance north of Ocean Cove. You can make reservations for these two places online.
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Welcome Patrick. There are a couple guides on this site that can take you out before you buy a yak. When I first started, I bought my yak, PFD, radio and paddle..thought I was ready  to go (already had all the fishing gear)
Then I realized I needed transport rack, countless more accessories that, in the end, cost me more than my yak! But in the end it was worth it! Best recreational investment ever..
In any case, welcome aboard!


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Welcome, Patrick.  :smt006


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Welcome to the madness.
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Welcome to NCKA. 

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Hi Patrick.  I'm in Novato and would fish anytime that works....welcome to NCKA :smt006
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Hey Patrick, welcome! I found this thread very helpful when I started out:



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Hey Patrick, welcome! I found this thread very helpful when I started out:

Good link bro. That post should be on a sticky on the home page if not already, with others adding posts for essential gear (since safery is already covered).

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Welcome Brother and look forward to a group of newbies getting together for a safer first few trips. This site is awesome especially the safety section and rigging sections which educate a lot. Safe and happy fishing.

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Welcome to NCKA Patrick  :smt006
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WelcomeToTheMadness!  :smt006

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Welcome to NCKA, Patrick.  I guide in Humboldt and would love to get you out at Shelter Cove if you're in to a road trip.

A guide I recommend down your way is Kyle Monte - goes by "Midwest" on this forum.

Best of luck - be safe and enjoy~

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