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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Been a While Since I Had Some Vertebrates  (Read 174 times)

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On Sunday I went out with Ryan G. for a kayak dive in Mendocino. My expectations were measured, since my last couple of dives had not been very productive or in reasonably decent conditions. I also haven't been out much in the past couple of months due to being sick, the fires and then dealing with a pending move. Anyway, I was really excited when we got in and found over 30' of visibility and relative calm.

I was really wanting some fish. The few times I was out in the past month or so I only took home scallops and abalone; and while I'm certainly not complaining about those tasty shellfish, it was time for some fish. As soon as we started diving we were seeing schools of blues and blacks, lings and the other usuals.

Mike N. has been refinishing my gun (thanks again Mike!) so I was using my 8' pole spear. I'm very fond of the pole spear because of its simplicity and because it forces me to go more slowly, get closer to my targets and reloading can be done in a snap. Its range is actually pretty good compared to the gun, but it loses its punch at greater distance so it's still important to get as close as possible.

After a few dives I found a great area. I followed a ling out of one hole and into another and was about to surface when I saw a vermilion cruise by and stop right at the bottom near the hole the with ling. I surfaced, did my breathe up and dropped again as slowly and carefully as possible. The vermilion hadn't moved very far so I approached it. It began to turn and I speared it behind its head and out the opposite gill plate. Immediately I grabbed it to make sure it wouldn't tear away, swam back to the kayaks and was greeted with a "Fuck yeah!" from Ryan.

Later on I was able to pull a couple of scallops, land a blue, three blacks and a small ling, but I would've been perfectly happy with just the vermilion. Ryan came away with a stupid heavy stringer and we called it a day. It was certainly one of the better dives I've had any time and now I've got all the fish I can eat for the week.

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Nice fat verm.........congrats!
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Nice haul for both of you. 

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