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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Feeling Stealthy  (Read 1082 times)

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I do not understand how back support works for the stealth kayak, comments...?  By design are you forced to sit upright?
I was actually concerned about the same thing. Most videos I've seen are from crazy offshore cats in Australia, South Africa, and Hawaii. Most of them just sit upright and dangle their feet off the side and they make it look effortless. Having had 2 back surgeries in the last 6 years, I was a little put off. That being said, there is a few options from Stealth. Option 1 is a simple back rest that clips into the eyelets behind the rod holder and also up front on the two grab handles. Option 2 is a seat back with but pad in the cockpit. Option 3 is the seatback and a stick on pad for the cockpit. I chose to go with Option 1 and sitting in it, I felt quite comfortable. The cockpit is well designed and gets your COG down load and one with the boat. I have yet to paddle it but have not heard any comfort specific complaints. Obviously, its not as luxurious as my outback seat or some of the newer seats that come on yaks these days but I'm taking her out for a maiden tomorrow in HMB and will certainly let you know how it goes.

I hope it blows your mind with design and speed, thanks... :smt006
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Just a quick report on the 460 maiden out of HMB. (not the best review/blogger)

I was supposed to meet a couple guys at 0700 but....insert excuse here :(....sorry, totally my fault! Anyways, I ended up leaving Gilroy by 0700 and was on the water by 0900.
Unloaded the 460 off my WRX, and it was a breeze to put on the dolly. Loaded my two rods, tackle, and some extra gear in the hatch and parked the car. It was my first time using the C-Tug Trolley as well and that was a nice experience as the trolley assembles within a minute and breaks down small enough to fit in the hatch if I wanted. (ended up putting it in the car though).
I know there are a ton of reviews out there so I will try to write this from a complete noob point of view. As a "entry level" paddler/kayak fisherman, my input may or may not be valid but here it goes.

Transport ability - Super lightweight makes it easy to load and unload off my WRX.
Storage - I comfortably fit two 7' rods, a fish bag, and hog trough just fine with plenty of room to spare. Rear dry hatch had two waterproof tackle boxes, water bottle, and some food with plenty more room to store a jacket or other warm clothing.
Stability - not as stable as my apple bottom Outback but secondary stability kicks in and I felt quite confident.
Comfort - With the seat back installed and adjusted to my liking, I felt connected to the boat and the foot straps were also nice to have when getting tossed around in the swells and wake or boats passing by.
Speed - ludicrous!
Overall - I'm in love with this boat and can't wait to put more hours in and actually do some fishing.