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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Introduction - Newbie from Redwood City.  (Read 263 times)

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Hello everyone!

I'm a newbie to the kayak fishing scene. I've been sitting on the side line wanting to get into the sport since 2012. I've dabbled in fly fishing for the last few years but honestly, I'm not really fond of bush whacking my way to a good fishing spot. Also, I'm highly allergic to poison oak. he he!

I just picked up a used Hobie PA 14 from GuihanPeskadot671  :smt006

I'm currently still trying to figure out all my gear. So far, I have my PFD and a set of Farmer Johns. Oh and wadders and a 6wt Orvis fly rod.

I'm interested to know, are there any members that are fishing out of the Port Of Redwood City? If so, for what, where and when?

I'd like to setup a lighting kit for my Yak as to get in some mid week night fishing. Does anyone have experience night fishing in the south bay?  If so, for what, where and when?


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Welcome to NCKA

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Welcome Brother!

I installed nav lights, spot light and interior working lights all on separate switches. Yes all led and very efficient on the battery. Anyway, WELCOME. Hope to meet some Yakers and get some warriors to go fishing with soon.

Where there is a Portagee there is fish!!!


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Welcome to NCKA SY  :smt006
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Welcome, you've come to the right place!  Night fishing in the bay could be dangerous, current could be very fast.  Gotta get a good electro navi and know your point of references at dark.  Also, don't go alone and have all the safety items. 
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Sick!!! Not too many fly rodders here! I rock my 9 weight almost exclusively.
Your 6wt is probably fine for school or stripers but undergunned for anything else.

For night fishing. Standard stuff... headlamp etc, and RIO makes really good glow in the dark fly lines. They’re critical for casting in the dark.

Hit me up, I might be able to join you.

Daniel Roberts, drobertsenator@gmail.com, m. 310.430.0932

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Sick! You’ll want more than a  6 weight. I rock a 9wt & switch out lines when necessary. Also, get yourself a shooting basket. Fumbling fly lines all over your kayak is a total drag.

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