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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Brooklyn Kayak Company review  (Read 267 times)

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Hello Everyone,

Figured I'd throw up a review for these BKC or Brooklyn Kayak Company kayaks that I've been seeing these on craigslist and Amazon for relatively cheap.  There's 3 different models:  12' single, 12' tandem, and 12' 3-person kayaks.  Each have an array of rod holders, paddle holders, storage, etc..

I ordered the kayak on a Monday from a dealer in SoCal, and it arrived Thursday to my front door.  At first glance, it looked like a great kayak.  The driver helped me unload it, a pretty heavy pig, but expected since I got the tandem angler model.  My wife likes to leisurely tag along on my crabbing trips and occasional lazy trout days when the ocean conditions aren't good.  Our last tandem kayak, a Pelican Apex 12t, wasn't a fishing kayak per se, but it was an introduction if my wife and I could work as a team out there on the water, while trying to crab or fish.  It served us well being extra stable and pretty comfortable.

Work ended up being really busy and I had to hold off on trying the BKC kayak for a few weeks.  Then with the crab opener coming, I decided to convince a coworker to come with me to Doran yesterday and try out the new yak.

Let's start with the PROs...
Lots of Room
Even with two 5'9" 170lb dudes on the yak, we still had enough room to put 4 danielson traps on the yak.  Legroom was very nice, especially in the rear seat.
Nice storage/bait tank in the rear
I used this area to throw all our keeper crabs in.  The bungees kept the crabs from crawling out.
Tons of mounts for accessories
Cool color choices

Neither Here or There...
Cheap Paddles
They work, but better to upgrade
Seats are okay
Somewhat comfort, but better to upgrade something for my back/butt

Then there's the CONs...
Does not Track well... AT ALL...
Really hard to keep the thing straight.  Was worse when I tried to go on it solo.
Scupper Holes do next to nothing
The location of the scupper holes are too far forward of the lowest part of the seats.  So water would collect and you would be sitting in a bucket of water.
Buoyancy Issue?
I'm not sure if it was our weight or the sides of the kayak aren't high, but even with small 1-2' waves from the wake of a boat was enough to get water inside the yak.  Coupled with the scupper hole issue, now I'm soaking/sitting/swimming in a puddle.
Water getting inside the storage area
After Saturday's opener, it was a pain to lift it back into my truck.  I hear water sloshing inside the yak.  I emptied nearly 1/2 gallon of seawater from the drain plug.  This is caused by the storage panels not having a rubber seal/grommet to make a water tight seal.  Since there's water pooling in the seating area, the storage panels are partially submerged in water and water slowly seeps into the main hull. 
**I have already fixed this issue with some foam and rubber gaskets.  Took the yak out today and no water in the hull**

So with all that said, I'm thinking about selling it.  Its not nearly comparable to my Trident 13 and falls short of what I need in an ocean tandem kayak.  More often than not, the SF Bay and ocean will have some chop, boat wakes, and strong currents, and my wife/I need something that can handle those situations.  I believe this kayak would be great for lakes, reservoirs, or anything flat water. 

I will be posting this kayak up for sale soon.

Price:  $600
Shipping from Los Angeles to Berkeley: $75

- Kevin
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Ocean Kayak Trident 13


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Thanks for the informative review.
I got blisters on my fingers!


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Sounds like they should have hired you as their R&D and QC Director. Thanks for the review, and for being the guinea pig... So to speak.

As for the scupper issue, sounds like they need a scupper plug like the Hobies
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Down to 1 Hobie Revo...


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HamachiJohn, it did come with scupper plugs but I removed them because the whole seating area would turn into a swimming pool.  I literally felt like I was sitting in my bathtub full of water. 

With the scupper plugs out, there was still a good amount of water under my bum and enough to submerge the storage hatch.  Which then leads to water inside the main hull. 
Ocean Kayak Trident 13

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Thanks for the review, happy to put this company's offerings in the 'not for me' category.
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