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Topic: Hunting Near an Outhouse at a Trailhead  (Read 195 times)

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November 2, 2017

Question: My question is in regard to hunting near an outhouse located by a paved parking lot at a trailhead within the Cleveland National Forest. This parking lot has a pit toilet building only. I am well aware of the law that says you cannot shoot a firearm within 150 yards of an occupied building, but this outhouse is an obvious one that can only be “occupied” temporarily. Do the same rules apply to that building as an occupied residence or dwelling? Are there other restrictions or safety zone requirements regarding hunting near a paved area? (James V., San Diego)

Answer: The law prohibits hunting or discharging a firearm or other deadly weapon (such as bows or crossbows) while hunting within 150 yards of an occupied dwelling house, residence, or other building … or over a public road or other established way open to the public (Fish and Game Code, section 3004(a)(b)). Parking lots and trailheads qualify as “established ways open to the public” and that outhouse is an “other building,” so the 150-yard safety zone would apply at this location. For more information regarding hunting in the Cleveland National Forest, please check out the U.S. Forest Service website.