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Topic: Reselling Animal Parts Donated to Charity Thrift Stores  (Read 98 times)

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November 2, 2017

Question: We operate several charity thrift stores and local community members often donate various types of animals to us to resell. Are we allowed to resell animal parts that we receive via donations? Examples would be antlers, busts, skulls, fur jackets, bear rugs, mounted fish, etc. We currently do not sell these items, but we do want to make sure we maximize our profits for our charity. (Briana G., El Dorado County)

Answer: Even though the animal parts are donated, it is still unlawful to resell them in most instances. “It is unlawful to sell or purchase a bird or mammal found in the wild in California” (Fish and Game Code, section 3039).

There are some exceptions, such as products made from furbearing mammals and nongame mammals (possibly a fur coat) lawfully taken under the authority of a fur-bearing license. Also, shed antlers or antlers taken from domestically reared animals that have been manufactured into products or handicrafts are exempt (FGC, section 3039). Parts from animals not found in the wild in California, such as a caribou, white tailed deer or moose are legal to sell.