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Topic: How I almost died yak fishing PSA  (Read 2503 times)

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Sakana Seeker

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Thanks for sharing! Crazy ordeal. I was guessing meningitis (also scary) but WNV is no f-ing joke. Glad you're doing better!

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Holy crap!  Glad you're OK, man.  That's scary shit.
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You have to watch out for those bugs.  I know a guy who caught lieshmaniasis (Google it and look at the images; it's a really scary flesh eating parasite) in his face and nose during a kayak trip in Costa Rico, and I know a guy who caught dengue fever during a kayak trip in Mexico.

Then check out www.bugshirt.com.
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Thank you for sharing.
This is a very important reminder for us all to take proper precautions.
I know I'll be better prepared next time I venture out. That's for sure.


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holy shit, reading your story i was thinking different things before the truth was revealed.  though it was the tides, the catfish, etc.  but wow, glad you're okay.

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Ding A Ling

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Glad you survived!!

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Many thanks. It's important that we share these things with our kayaking brothers
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whoa. Glad you dodged a bullet there. Definitely scary stuff.
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Wow, that was a close call.  Glad you're ok and thanks for sharing with us, I'm sure this story will remain in many people's heads for a while. 
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Uminchu Naoaki

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So glad youíre ok.
Yeah I work on the area... My coworkers know I have mosquito phobia (& mosquito love me)... They laugh about it, but itís no joke...
We use three different kinds of insects repellents, but Iíve had three flus since I work there in last six years...
My friend who works at County mosquito control said Yolo Bypass area has all kinda mosquito transmitted diseases...
They also bite through those t-shirt & quick-dry stuff, so repellents are must!
Be safe out there everyone.

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thats insane...i hate mosquito and ticks!! glad you are okay, close one!


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Very glad they discovered the virus.  It can hide.   My buddy died a couple years ago of WNV.  We were visiting Yellowstone and he complained of aches and pains.   Wife drove him home to John Muir and ended up at Stanford and never got out of the hospital.   He got the virus in eAstern Oregon a few weeks before we took off for Yellowstone.


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Glad you're okay and are recovering. Here in Texas, I am a mosquito magnet and they will come for miles just to bite me. It's so bad I carry two repellent bottles in my car at all times and apply it before I unload my kayak.

Even in my home, if a mosquito gets in, I'm toast. I hate them with a passion and they all need to die. :smt013 Thank goodness this year wasn't as bad as a few years ago when they were all over the place.
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Holey smokes!!!  Thats scary!  I'm glad you pulled through OK, I'll start being more vigilant about the spray, yeesh  :smt009 :smt009
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I will certainly remember your story.  Glad you came out of it.