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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Amazing BlueFin Tuna Spearfishing Footage  (Read 402 times)

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My buddy had an epic summer on his boat in SoCal chasing BFT...

He put together this vid showing some of the madness.

 :smt007 :smt007 :smt007 :smt007 :smt007

I had an open invite to go down this past summer to hunt these fish and never made it down...  :smt009 :smt010 :smt009

Amazing stuff for sure...if you have questions about gear/technique etc you can contact the guys at Red Triangle...seems like they have done a pretty good job figuring out what works!!




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Love it.  I actually saw some BFT this year and it just got me more motivated to go back and try harder next year. 

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Awesome video  :smt007  Thanks for sharing Jim.
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Was talking to Matt a couple weeks ago and he was telling me about this past BFT season.

This vid pretty much sums it up.  :smt007

They definitely got it dialed down there.

WTG guys!  :smt023
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The DREAM!!! Haha awesome stuff!
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Down to 1 Hobie Revo...


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Uhhhhhh........that's big boy pants stuff, I'm just  whittle wee lad
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F-ing awesome stuff.  I stopped by the Red Triangle shop last month and was lucky enough to sample some bluefin poke, about 1.5 days after it was shot.  (THANKS PARVIZ!)  Spearing one of those amazing fish is definitely something I would like to work my way up to someday.

seems like they have done a pretty good job figuring out what works!!

They definitely got it dialed down there.