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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: How important is it...  (Read 938 times)

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There's tons of kayaks out there with clean decks.  the main issue with most is probably the foot pegs.  I would pick one with integrated geartrack probably, as that keeps decks relatively clean, and gives you options for accessories that can be added and removed pretty easily.

I think with raised seats that the width doesn't really matter as much, since you really don't need to straddle your kayak, and you're already in a higher seated position. 

There's a few upcoming models that I know of that will have clean decks from Native like the Slayer XC.  Might be good to wait until Demo season to try one out in person.  I wouldn't have an issue with someone bringing a fly rod with them to one of the demos that we hold, and I'm sure some of the other manufacturers would be fine with them as well.  If there's a specific model you're looking into, ask the shop to have it available for demo for you.


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One of the reasons that the Mayfly has a wider deck is that it has a shallower water profile and less keel.  If you were to build a kayak with a similar hull shape but make it narrower, it might be fairly unstable for folks from a primary stability standpoint, and secondary would be lost without a keel.  Would also result in less overall weight capacity due to lack of volume.

Boats like the Mayfly are purpose built for midwest/northeast river fly fishermen, who need kayaks with relatively shallow drafts and higher maneuverability in rivers.  we don't do a lot of shallow draft river fishing up here in NorCal like they do there with the river bassing series.  Just different strokes for different folks.


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They're designed for flat, calm bayou fishing and maybe the flats where the current kayak fishing boom seems to be driving the market.  I wouldn't have given them a second glance when I lived in the Midwest.  Just MHO.
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