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Topic: NorCal HOW 6th 2017 Event - November 10, 2017 @ San Pablo Reservoir  (Read 2746 times)

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Da Bruddah

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Aloha Bruddahs,

Helped at this past Friday's last HOW event of 2017 at San Pablo Reservoir and was just blown away by the generosity, kindness, graciousness of HOW with major heavy logistics lifting for leaders, Raydon, Rob, Ben, Dan, et al for putting together a healing and uplifting event for Severely Disabled American Vets. There was a group from VA Palo Alto, group from Menlo Park VA who were mostly visually and impaired or blind.  WE had Vets dating back to service around 1950, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm to Present. Even some of the Vets suffering from traumatic brain Injury showed up and had a great time.
It's good to know that these VA staff who attend are very dedicated to bring quality, life-enhancing outdoor activities for their Vets. Shout to VA Palo Alto and Menlo Park, you guys Rock!!! I was blown away how many incredible stories were inside these Vets, some of them, blind or partially blinds, or very physical disabled. I met a Apache Marine who enlisted in 1950   ( is in the photograph with me)  and served in Korea as well as 82nd Airborne paratrooper with 80+ jumps under his belt, mostly night jumps.

The energy and feeling of the event was wide open as we were graced with a very warm Fall day with intermittent light showers, light wind and clearing in the afternoon. San Pablo Reservoir was beautiful!!!The Vets are welcomed with such love and generosity starting on with Raydon and crew"s hot breakfast and the lunch was highlighted by "Schicken"s/Marvin. showing up with his Native Son's BBQ pulled pork that was too de for. Was great to see you out there Marvin. I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time talking with you. Now I know why it's called Native Son BBQ!!!

NCKA Bruddahs just keeps putting out positive and uplifting support that is so needed during these challenging and sometimes precarious times.
Mahalo nui loa Bruddahs
One Life

da Bruddah

Enjoy this slide show that were taken today:
Link to Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor-7/15/17 NCKA Fishing Tournament:

Link to 7-15-17 Striper?Hali Tournament Slideshow:


Link to sign up for Striper/Hali Tournament: http://www.jacksdiving.com/

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Way to represent guys. Nice event and thanks for your supporting the vets. :smt001
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Nicely Put, " Da Bruddah,

  Nice to meet you too and thanks for what you did,

   front desk deserves,

             "Hazard Pay " ,,,   :smt002

Nice to see everyone,

   also triggering ,,,

 Keep on Keeping on as this program helps,

           both service members and volunteers,,,

  a true, " win, win "

                     I'm still, "out to sea ,,, "

  Lots going on in my life that needs my attention,


 I do have plans for a return that does include a compliment towards the hard and revenant work that y'all are doing,,,

  catch y'all in 2018

    Happy Holidays ,,, :smt114
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