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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Carmel Rescue  (Read 877 times)

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Went out Saturday AM with my buddies Bryan and Matt...

Ocean and wind were calmer than forecast which was nice...

I lost TWO shafts which wasn't nice... :smt013 :smt011

But, got a nice sheep on a looong shot way back in a crack, and got to show Matt and Bryan a pair of wolf eels that I have been seeing in the same crack since 2014 and that was super cool...I made sure to tell them not to shoot them before I pointed them out.  :smt002 :smt004

The most "exciting" part of the day though came right at the end...

Bryan had already started paddling the 2-3 miles back to shore, and Matt and I were talking and getting gear stowed and pulling anchor...

While I was working on the anchor we heard someone yelling for help and saw someone in the water up by the rocky point to our North...

Matt raced over while I got the anchor in and VHF out to call for help if needed.

As soon as I got there I saw an older gentlemen (70-80 years old) in the water next to an updside down Sit Inside Kayak...

I was very relieved to see he had a dry suit and lifejacket on so the immediate risk of hypothermia wasn't an issue. I checked in with him and reassured him  that I had a fully charged VHF if we needed any help, and I also knew this area very well and knew a somewhat protected spot where we could get him on dry land if needed.

His sit inside kayak was full of water, he didn't have a bilge pump, and he couldn't get back in.

Matt jumped back in the water (he had all his dive gear still on) and helped the older gentleman get in Matt's kayak. Then we put his kayak between Matt's and mine and after a few tries managed to get him back in it.

The kayak still had a lot of water in it though so I pulled out the bilge pump that I always keep inside my kayak (and have never used lol) and we pumped all the water out and got his spray skirt on and he was able to paddle off but was still VERY wobbly.

We followed him to the beach to help make sure he made it back safe...we were all very relieved when he was back on shore safe and sound.

Great reminder for everyone that it is super important to always dress for immersion, wear a pfd, know how to self rescue (alone!), and have a bilge pump and vhf onboard and accessible at all times.

Huge thanks to Matt for his help, and to the NorCal Kayak angling/diving community for helping give me the tools and skills to be able to help this gentleman get home safe.  :smt008

Wish I had gotten a pic of us with the gentleman back on the beach, but didn't so here's a pic of the Sheep I took, and of one of the wolf eels we saw (taken a few years ago) instead...haven't checked GoPro footage yet to see if I got any decent shots of the pair together.




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Great job to both of you. I was pissed off to learn the weather was off. I could have gone fishing and shook off the cold I've been fighting. Nice fish too. Glad to gramps will be coming home to see his family! Again Kudos to you and matt.
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Good karma for you and Matt!  Nice job!
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Good work, you guys are hero's.  :smt006
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Chalk up another NCKA rescue!! Good job Jim👍  There is never time off to being safe.
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great work guys! I always feel a lot safer, fishing in the blue, when i'm with a fellow NCKA member.

Now on to the SHT talking. --Am i the only one who thought about Bulldog-alex, when i read the headline??
LOL.  :smt044 :smt044

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Hell yeah.
Great job guy's. ..
Luckily for him you guys were around to hear the call for help and we're able to assist him.
Always be prepared,  you never know.
Nice report.

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Nice work boys! That guy was very lucky to have you all in the area!


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Nice job guys! Class acts!!

Is it just me or is that second wolf eel picture super spooky.

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Nice work Jim! I'm sure he and his family are all very thankful.

Those wolf eels look tasty  :smt001

Now on to the SHT talking. --Am i the only one who thought about Bulldog-alex, when i read the headline??
LOL.  :smt044 :smt044

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You've always been my hero , you big lump! Great job fellas! And thx always for the fish porn

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Halo status!

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Thanks for the kind words guys...


Very glad we were there to help him out...

I made sure to keep my center hatch closed and secured in case he panicked and tipped me over...but to his credit he did a good job of staying calm...

Here's a quick vid of some of the fun before the rescue...can see me point out the sheep to Matt in the crack, Bryan coming up from a good drop with a blue, me pulling the sheep out of the crack,  the pair of wolf eels in their vertical crack, and then a decent Olive I took at the end.

Attached a screenshot of the pair of wolves as well...you can see the smaller greenish female above the big grey male...





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