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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Humminbird?  (Read 788 times)

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 My 597di is still going strong after almost 8 years ,2 kayaks and 3 drops on concrete from standing hight. Even dropped it once on the boat ramp and it rolled into the water. Has some dents it the corners but it always works! I have had no problems with the plugs and wires. Just storing the the whole base on my revo is awkward. I have been hoping it would break so I can justify buy the new hook 5 with chirp an side image.


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humminbird service is the worst!  I use to fish bass tournaments and always used humminbirds, that is until I needed them to service a unit.  I sent in a unit to have the screen replaced because I cracked it and which I paid for since I broke it.  When I got it back i discovered the GPS no longer worked.  They disconnected my internal GPS in the process and accused me of doing it, then when I finally got them to admit to their mistake they told me it was out of warranty because of how long it took them to finally admit they were wrong.  Once I got it through their heads that they disconnected the GPS and that they did while it was still under warranty they finally decided to fix it.  So when I got my unit back, they erased all my waypoints and tracks.  Of course when I contacted them to let them know, they blamed me for it and said there was nothing they could do.

humminbird can burn in he** for all I care.  I will never buy their products again.  15 years of being an incredibly loyal customer and this is what I got in return.

I am now a Lowrance user!
So long and thanks for all the fish!!!
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And the transducer cable is like 20 feet long, not sure why you needed an extension.
I have one wire that stays in my AI permanently. That way I could move the unit to my Revo 13 sometimes.
Quote from: krusty

I have a 385ci installed in my Trident. Both the power and transducer cables are locked to the base with a metal plate, so they stay put. Also, the power cable is keyed, so it only fits into the base 1 way.
Glad they took care of that issue. Perhaps my ff is not a 385ci? I'm confused. But regardless, the wires on my Humminbird suck. Maybe my unit is outdated.

Humminbird has had the same mount system for at least 10 years that i know of, probably 20 +. The 385 uses the same mount. All you need to do is buy the correct parts for yours and you should be fine. The Helix series now uses different mounts.

I have ben using the same unit now for around 7 years with zero issues. I wash it down after salt use, the mount too. I never wash it after freshwater use and it has been bullet proof for ever.
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I had a hummingbird black and white model for about 8years and loved it. Never had any problems til my kayak got away while abdiving and flipped and smashed into the rocks. Then I got to see what the inside of a fish finder looks like.


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I guess there's more than one way to get a peek inside.   :smt001

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