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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: New to kayak fishing and salt  (Read 547 times)

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A few weeks ago I purchased my 1st kayak and have been on a trip about 2x just paddling.  I am still planning to do more paddling before I start fishingin in it.

I've only fished on the lakes of Kansas, so I'm not yet too familiar with the species for salt.  I was wondering to start off with a circle hook +shrimp or squid or maybe artificial lures (crank/jerk bait? Or plastic worms?).  Any pointers?  I am in Alameda btw.



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Welcome to NCKA.  :smt001
I am a licensed guide.  DFW Guide ID:  1000124.   Let's do a trip together.

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Well you aren't in Kansas any more.  First thing you need to do is study the regulations and be aware of restricted ocean fishing areas.  California is pretty hard to figure out in that area.  One you decide on species you want to target start searching the forum here and utube videos for means and methods. 

Welcome and we will see you on the water.


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Well you aren't in Kansas any more.

He's a zombie ninja mad scientist tho.  What does that make Toto?


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Welcome to the madness, J23. As mentioned above, be sure you are familiar with the regulations---can be very confusing at first, and the wardens are not likely to show any mercy.

Whereabouts in Kansas are you from? I'm a native Iowan. I also spent several years in West Texas (at TTU), and drove across the Jayhawk state many times...
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Welcome to NCKA Johny  :smt006
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