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Topic: 13 foot boat - 16 foot car - what could go wrong?  (Read 572 times)

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"16 foot hobie on a 16 foot audi a3 for years no problems."

Got a picture of that!? That's awesome! 

Love the straps under the hood idea.. so there's a line coming up through the crack between hood and fender?

Ya.. I just removed a bolt from the flange inside the hood and bolted the strap down.  You can do this anywhere under the hood where you feel comfortable.  Mine is on the left side of the hood about 6 inches from the front.   It folds under hood when not in use.  I then attached a tension line to the strap and the front handle of the kayak.  Easy peasy!
On our 2008 Subaru Outback I tied a large knot in the end of a para cord loop after passing it through an existing hole on the fenders both sides. Due for a replacement after 3 years but doesn’t hurt the car and holds strong

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