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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Beware - Prowler 13 on Craigslist has a leaking scupper repair  (Read 429 times)

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Hey everyone,

Been looking on craigslist for a good deal on a fishing kayak for my buddy who is a social worker and doesn't have much to spend. There's been a yellow OK Prowler 13 listed in Oakland for maybe 1-2 weeks now, and they just reposted it (link below). At first glance the posting seemed kind of sketchy (poor grammar, first photo is just the kayak by itself). I wasn't sure if it was stolen but a search on here and google didn't turn anything up (except one stolen in 2006). Went and checked it out and discovered it had a plastic weld repair at the bottom of a scupper hole (the green plastic weld was very obvious). The guys selling it assured me they fish out of it every weekend and that it works great, but after they let me do the garden hose test and we filled it up with water, it was definitely leaking water from the green plastic weld.

I offered them $150 (due to the leak and the fact I'd have to get it fixed), they declined, so I asked what's the lowest they'd be willing to go and they said $380. Just wanted to spread awareness so nobody gets screwed.



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Thanks for the heads up!!




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I sold my 2014 Prowler in excellent shape for $425. Not really a deal here in my opinion even if it was leak free.

Hopefully nobody gets burned on this one.


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Does anyone know  were Pam can get the NCKA logo in a Henna stick on tattoo she want to put it on her head.