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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: no salmon but a nice surprise  (Read 862 times)

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Went smallmouth bass fishing here on the Coquille river in Oregon a couple of weeks ago. Did really good on them. Was floating with the current/tide down river catching all kinds of fish(non bragging size) when we came to a deep hole and the guy I was fishing with fell in or I thought till I looked around and saw him in his kayak and this big splash ring from a fish about 2 ft. from his kayak. The look on ones face when a 20+ lb. salmon goes full airborn nor more than a foot or so from his kayak is priceless. Was not expecting salmon this early for this river and this high up in its system. Needless to say we tried everything but to no warm hugs from the salmon. Next day I decided the salmon were in need of a hurting so off I went to the same spot but nothing except for the smallies which seam to have gotten some what bigger. Talk to a guy that was throwing bobber and eggs and said that the tide was pretty high and that the fish went on up further. Bummed by the bad news and went on my way floating down catching smallies along the way(thank goodness there lots of them-took the sting away some what). Got down to the take out point made a couple more cast and WHAM! fly stops dead in its tracks, Fish on! this one fought way different than any smallmouth- running, going back and forth across the river and so forth. Got it close to the yak and saw a silver flash and started to think a jack salmon. Low and be hold The unicorn of Oregon fishes a striped bass. Nothing of size about 14 inches or there about. Got him quickly back in the water and made a few more casts and and caught 3 more of his brothers. 1st, striped bass of the year, those 4 gems really made up for the lack of salmon.


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Nice jov.
love the rubber band method you used to P&R.