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Topic: shimano torium 30 hg - a quick look inside  (Read 294 times)

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shimano torium 30 hg - a quick look inside

this one came in from the east coast.  lots of salt water intrusion.  i cleaned it all up, then decided to take a few photos.  

the design is very similar to the older toriums.  

i won't this time, i'll bet i could even rig with reel with a spring loaded dog.

the base plate is plastic.  not the strongest, but at least it won't corrode.  

the reel now comes with greased carbon fiber drag washers.  that's a big plus!  even if the bearings all seize up, the drags will still be smooth!

oh, and about those spool bearings.  they are buried so deep that you can't get to them to switch them out, or even lube them, unless you take the entire reel apart.  that's right, no more popping off the left side plate, pulling the spool and servicing the bearings.  the entire reel has to come apart.  i don't know what you guys think about this, but i'm not impressed.  


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Thanks for that, Alan!  Great pics and commentary as always.  On unrelated note, I have a Talica II about 5-6 years old  if you ever want to take a peek.  You're welcome to peek and use.  It will probably go to Shimano for service next month.
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I miss these posts... Thx Alan. My reel is smooth as ever, thx to you.

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Love it!

And thanks to your detailed info on the Shimano Tekota, I can do all of my own maintenance---mine are several years old and still better than new.
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I wish I was comfortable tinkering with my reels as you are.


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on the plus side, here's something in the old torium that you will likely not see in the new torium.  the plastic base plate of the new torium should eliminate much of this corrosion.  admittedly, this old torium would still function if i left this corrosion in place, but it really looks awful. 


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I wish I was comfortable tinkering with my reels as you are.
Lol he doesn't tinker. He is the master of reel repair just google his name.