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Topic: [How to] fix broken rod  (Read 539 times)

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Here is how I fixed it.

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Thanks for sharing that!!


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Nicely done, Chet.

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Nicely done, Chet.

Agreed. Keep us informed as to how it performs and holds up.
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I imagine the internal epoxy should be adequate since the splint transfers the loads across the joint and back into the rod tube.  If going without the external wrap, then it's probably better for the splint to fit somewhat loosely inside so that the epoxy is fully bonding it into place on all surfaces.

I hate to say it, but this is where buying the high-end rods pays off since most of the manufacturers/builders will provide replacement sections for these very problems.


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Good job
If you need to do it again try a Mylar wrap it will make it smoother except for the seam line we're the Mylar wrap started.
 you can easily sand down that edge which will be the thickness of the Mylar
the Mylar should extend well past the repair area and can be held in place with simple shipping tape
If you don't have Mylar you can use wax paper but depending on the quality you may want to use mold release to insure easy removal
When Mylar is use you don't need mold release it will naturally come off  as long as it's not held it place by excess fibers or resin
glade you made it
now let's get our fish on

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That's a really clean repair.  I'm not so meticulous with my fixes.

I use a BIC ball point pen.  Pull the inside out, leaving a clear plastic tube.  Cut to length, fill with epoxy and slide the two parts of the pole into the tube and let it set.  I keep a supply of individual use 2 part epoxy in my tackle and there's always a pen in the truck.