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Topic: Is StillWater South @ Pebble Beach Open or Not?!  (Read 2814 times)

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Ho Chi Min Oh

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Inquiring minds want to know.   :scratch:  So I emailed DFG to get the straight skinny.

>>> Martin > 4/30/2007 3:46 PM >>>

Dear Ms. Patyten: 

You were identified as the person most knowledgeable
re: the upcoming groundfish season opening.  Please
advise whether the area surrounding Stillwater Cove
out of Pebble Beach will be open for fishing as of May
1, 2007. 

Thank you for your prompt response.



DFG wrote back, and fast!

Hello Mr. ,
The answer to your question is in the 2007 Ocean Sport Fishing regulation booklet, pages 10-11. The summary table for groundfish regulations for the Stillwater Cove area is also located at http://www.dfg.ca.gov/mrd/bfregs2007.html#southcentral1 .
You may be concerned that you will not be able to fish in this area come May 1 due to the recent passage of marine protected area (MPA) legislation by the Fish and Game Commission, but the MPAs will not be passed into law until later this summer. Recreational and commercial fishing seasons that open in May and June, including some salmon and groundfish fishing seasons, will not be affected by the new MPA regulations until after this time. DFG will let the public know when the MPAs are scheduled to become effective as soon as that date is known, and will publish and distribute materials specifying the location and any associated fishing restrictions for each MPA. The MLPA Web site (www.dfg.ca.gov/mlpa) also contains the most up-to-date information about the new central coast MPAs.
As for the area near Stillwater Cove, it is currently within an MPA that allows the take of finfish (see Carmel Bay State Marine Conservation Area, top of pg. 56 in your copy of the regulation booklet).  After the new MPAs are instituted later this summer, you will still be able to take finfish within Carmel Bay State Marine Conservation Area. There will be no changes to the recreational fishing regulations for Carmel Bay State Marine Conservation Area when the new MPAs officially become law.
Hope this helps! Good fishing,
Mary Patyten

Mary C. Patyten
Research Writer
California Department of Fish and Game
Marine Region
Noyo Marine Laboratory
19160 S. Harbor Dr.
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
office (707) 964-5026
cell (707) 357-1204
fax (707) 964-0642
Visit the Marine Region Web Site at www.dfg.ca.gov/marine

Sin Coast

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The south end of Carmel Bay will indeed be affected by the MLPAs. Based on the fact that the Pt Lobos State Marine Reserve is going to increase slightly to the northeast. It will now encompass Monastery Beach, whereas it used to extend only to the edge of Moss Cove. The Pinnacles, which are located out in front of Stillwater will be closed to fishing, and that definitely sucks. (Not sure how they will enforce the boundaries of this square-shaped SMR..?)
So if you're standing on Monastery Beach, look to your right and the new "border" will be indicated by that first big pile of rocks. It will be sad to lose this spot (especially for shorefishing and spearfishing) but fortunately, I didn't lose my 'secret spot' at Carmel Meadows, a couple hundred yards north of there.

Check out the inset of Monterey in this map for detailed info.

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