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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: My Sister dodged a tank round  (Read 230 times)

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My Sister and brother in law are not rich people by since of the imagination. He is Firefighter and she a school teacher back in Rhode Island. As many snow belters are won't to do, they bought a a beat up old single wide when visiting some friends in Florida a few years back in a semi retirement neighbor hood in Englewood, Fl.  They spent every chance they got driving down there and fixing the place up replacing just about everything in the place as it had not been occupied for years and was in a  sorry state.

Every school break they were rebuilding it.  Well this year they finished it.  They were down there in August for a couple of weeks and really got a chance to enjoy it... then came Irma. Bitch wasn't invited, caused a lot of stress.  Predictions for Naples, FL area was storm surge of 10-15 feet. Englewood is in the greater Naples area, their place was on a channel. her home if was one foot above sea level would of been a stretch. 

Since the Thursday before Irma showed up we had been in contact with her.  She had been resolved that the place was going to be destroyed. I had even started sending her FEMA applications to get the process started (FYI, there aren't any insurance companies that will offer policies in that area).  We felt for her in so many ways. This was a dream for them, and it had finally come true, now it was going to be a nightmare.

Irma did a lot of weird things, but that last minute turn inward, spared my sister's place and those around her. The channel never breached the banks, and aside for a few roofing panels, her place was spared.

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Wow ... maybe it's mean to be.
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