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Topic: Looking for someone to kayak fish in the South Bay from alviso to dumbarton  (Read 587 times)

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Hi all,
    Looking for someone to kayak fish in bay, btw just started kayak fishing and want to be safe/learn from or just have fun fishing. I'm in the South Bay Area and would like to fish around the Alviso to Dumbarton area, South Bay lakes would be cool too. I have a Jackson big tuna with trolling motor on it. Hoping to find a few fellow kayaker....👍


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Welcome! Well..you're in the right place. Many of the people here are from your area.
Care to join us tomorrow in HMB for a salmon hunt?



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Thanks for the invite, I looking for Clam water to learn kayak 1st, l take your invite when l,m ready, do you fishing by pillar point in HMB, how far you go out and what's the swell and wind wave like. I do rock cod fishing on my buddy boat, it can get rough out there.


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Alviso isn't all that good it used to be better there was very good shark fishing out by Drawbridge before they put in the sewer plant
You can still pick up an occasional sturgeon or striper more likely a ray or leopard shark but it's a great place to harvest ghost shrimp
You would think it should be better than it really is I live around there for sometime and watched the government created silting
Anyway try hmb or the delta the offerings are much better
Time to hit the road good luck   
glade you made it
now let's get our fish on

Ascend FS128T
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Hello Cybeq2k,

I'm in Redwood City and also new to kayak fishing. I understand wanting to break your teeth inshore. Sucks to hear the fishing near the draw bridge is no good. I hiked out that way a while back but had no luck fly fishing from shore. I also wasn't so sure all the duck hunters were aware of our presents.

Does anyone else have experience fishing inshore that they're willing to share?