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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Time to get Digital, Yeehaw!  (Read 203 times)

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Miguel Swalikov

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Hello everyone. I've been diving for at least two years and still sometimes can't find anyone to dive with. Time to network! I live in santa rosa and like spearfishing the most. Abalone hunting is fun too, but I chose not to get my card this year due to the conditions. Usually if the water is nice enough to kayak fish, I choose to dive instead, but fishing from the kayak is fun too. I actually have less experience w/ kayak fishing than diving. So, if anyone needs a dive partner on the weekends, I usually go anywhere north of jenner, up to salt point or so. . . I try my best to follow the rules as far as fish size etc. I'm comfortable in the water but my girlfriend freaks out if I go in alone.

One more thing. I really enjoyed the book Deep by James Nestor. It's a firsthand experience of the author learning to freedive while also learning about all of the crazy ocean life. Dolphins can see through you with their sonar, and they send these 3D images to each other with their clicking communication like a digital file. Just, for instance.....

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Welcome, Michael.  :smt006


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Welcome to NCKA Michael  :smt006
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Hey Michael! I have a couple questions about diving. I'll message you.


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Welcome aboard.  Post up when and where you want to dive and many times someone will meet you.  It does help to know who you are diving with.  Comfortable depth and how long you like to stay out.  Four hours is usually my min unless conditions suck but have been known to stay out a full 8 hours when the ocean cooperates. 

For some it's the fish or abs or a so called meat run. For me it's therapy. 

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.... but my girlfriend freaks out if I go in alone.

Tell your gf that you are never really alone in saltwater... :shark
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