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Topic: Good spots for ling near Richmond?  (Read 340 times)

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My boss is taking some of us underlings out on his boat that he keeps in Richmond.  I am hoping some one(s) can point me in the direction of fish. 

I would love to pull some big lings out of the water, but I'm all ears to any species except salmon as I don't have the gear and I think there are enough of us pulling salmon out of the water already. 

Any if you east bay paddlers have some tips for me?  Pretty please?!?!???

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I'm sure others will chime in soon with some prime locations where you underlings can get some overlings.
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The farralons or pt reyes. Nothing close to port. There are a few decent reefs along the marin coast but they are small and can be hit or miss. Salmon at duxbery or live bait in the bay may be a better option.
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