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Topic: Looking for a one piece fly rod  (Read 628 times)

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Fish 'n Brew

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My son is looking for a one piece fly rod that won't bust the bank.  Anybody have one laying around?




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I think all of them are going to require a second mortgage these days.  Hope you can find one.
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Hey Martin,
One piece fly rods are kind of unusual, because most flyrods are 8/9/10' long. The trend for the last 20 years or more has been 4,5 and even 7 piece rods, for easy transport especially for airline travel, and the ferrules that connect the pieces make the rods much more sensitive than they used to be.
What will he be using it for?  There are some shorter one piece flyrods in the 6-7' range, mainly for bass. And some heavy one piece saltwater rods (9 through 14 wt.) that are in the 8'10" range, mainly rods that never leave the boat.
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Fish 'n Brew

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It would be used almost exclusively for bass.


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Have you looked into a Tenkara rod?  It's a very simple design (rod, line, tippet, fly), and I've heard wonderful things about them.
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Call Bill at Headwaters, he has many choices for bass in the fly rods.
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