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Topic: Bitcoin  (Read 2011 times)

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who hate Bitcoin? james dimon(ceo of jp morgan), bank of america, chase bank ... because Bitcoin will destroy current financial system.
who love Bitcoin? JP Morgan, Coinbase, mining companies, hackers, billionaire, who owned black money  ... because they are enjoying alot.
As you may know, Bitcoin is not currency, it is a just asset like a stock. we are heading back to the stone age. For example, you pay salmon(asset) to buy gas(asset).
Government is facing a big problem which is not easy to collect tax. But it is too late to stop this wave because most bitcoins are owned by billionaire already.
If my perception makes sense, Bitcoin price will continue to climb up ...

If the price of Gas will drop by half tomorrow, why would you ever offer a whole salmon today?
that is, if tomorrow you can get twice as much gas for your salmon, why would you buy today?v

That's the problem with bitcoin-- until (and if) it stabilizes it is a shitty exchange medium.