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Topic: Halfmoon bay  (Read 926 times)

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Hi I m brand new to kayak fishing and I m interested in halfmoon bay.  Any advice or places to go.  Also safety measures.  Thanks everyone!


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Welcome to the brotherhood.

Below is one article from "Bushy" regarding Kayak Fishing Safety. Follow it and you'll be safe to enjoy the sport.

Do the same for places to launch/go. Type "places to launch" while in the "Forum" tab and search entire forum.

Also keep a lookout on the "Hookups and Fishing Reports" as members would post when they will be going fishing. After 10 posts, you'll be able to access the "Members Only". For now, your access is just for "Viewable by Public"

Enjoy and see you on the water soon.
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If you go on google earth there's an option to view historical imagery and as you scroll between photos taken during different months you can get an idea for where the waves break offshore (indicating the locations of underwater structure that can cause breakers to suddenly form during what seems like otherwise good conditions). When you exit the harbor "jaws" (entrance/exit), swing wide on your path out deep to avoid one of these areas (Kings Rock) that is located just West of the jaws.

The google earth imagery can also be helpful in locating general bottom structure (for fishing purposes), but I've found I've been much more productive since I installed a cheap fish finder. Depending on weather, I'll probably fish HMB on Saturday, 16 September, if you'd like to link up!


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Thank you.  M gonna check it out

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Be sure that you don't fish in the protected zone near Mavericks beach


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There are a lot of old threads about HMB. Here's one with some good launch info http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com/index.php?topic=81187.0