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Topic: Chesapeake 17 Touring Kayak $1600  (Read 348 times)

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My neighbor is a master builder.  He purchased and built this touring kayak and took it out only once.  I've seen it myself and can say its a work of art.  https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/boa/6306379743.html.  We have lots of photos to send.  See his email address at the bottom of the ad:

More than 7000 Chesapeake-series kits have been shipped over the last 16 years. An enduring favorite among paddlers, the award-winning Chesapeakes are the gold standard for build-it-yourself sea kayaks. They are easy to build but handsome and fast. High-volume bows lift you over rough seas - or powerboat wakes - while the skeg-like stern prevents weather-cocking in blustery winds. CLC's signature cambered decks shed spray, increase the storage space inside the hull, add strength without weight, and look great. Chesapeake kayak builders explore quiet local rivers and paddle the length of the Sea of Cortez. They are used in expeditions above the Arctic Circle and for day paddling in Florida
Large storage compartments will absorb enough gear and water for long, unsupported expeditions. Cockpits are large and easy to pad out for a custom fit. The big, comfortable cockpit is an ideal spot to spend a lazy afternoon if multi-week expeditions aren't your speed.
Chesapeakes are built to endure a lifetime of strenuous touring with 4mm-okoume plywood hulls and decks, both sheathed with fiberglass. Watertight bulkheads are standard, as are hatches, deck rigging, adjustable footbraces, and a comfortable seat. One reason so many builders prefer the Chesapeakes is their flexible architecture, unique among kit boats. Experienced builders may customize every part of the boat above the waterline, whether building from a kit or plans.
Kayak includes;
Life vest ‘M’, Oar, Two waterproof bags, Loader for getting on the roof of your car, stands to keep it off the ground, rudder bracket installed,  cart to move it around, and roof mounts for a Yakima rack system ( the bars and towers are not included)
Kayak has been completely stripped to the wood on the outside and new glass cloth and resin applied. The bow has 3 layers of cloth for extra protection. The interior has been repainted a light grey. All new rigging and hatch seals.
Interlux Brightsides  Paint was used for the finish with a coat of interlux primer and two coats of color. Boat was in the water once for a couple hours to make sure everything was right, so there is very little signs of usage. It has been stored inside the whole time I have owned it and covered
CONTACT ED GREENFIELD: edgreenz@yahoo.com

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Baitman, you and this Ed guy should go have a drink together!  Then go race after 10 beer!

Santa Cruz Raptor G2 <--- Simply awesome (www.santacruzkayaks.com)