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Topic: Can I fish the ocean with my Ascend FS128T?  (Read 699 times)

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Prolly a dumb question: Can I fish the ocean with my Ascend FS128T?
Yeah, well...the Dude abides.


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yes. ive seen it done.  although it isn't ideal, its a very slow kayak

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My friend has one. He will take it out in the bay when the weather is good. Two things you should know. It plows through the rolls and the wind blows him around bad. For this reason he stays within 1/2 mile of shore. Good luck.
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As an ascend 128  owner I can say I never had a problem using mine in the ocean not one.
extremely stable and yes it's not a race horse
But most fishing kayaks aren't
What you want to check is if the hatches are raised if so your fine
if not you need to be sure they are not leaking it's the rear one that leaks if you have warping due to excessive weight or improper storage I really like my ascend
they have been making improvements every year
If it leaks it's slow bring a hand pump with you most kayaks leak or hold water  to some degree the only reason I don't have my ascend out on the blue more is am getting lazy and let my sail push me around on my hobbie adventure island crabbing is easyer on the ascend all that great deck space and the chair is more comfortable for me

It works well in the sea just plan your trip and use the same cation you would use in any other kayak
Don't be surprised if guys are asking you if your on a hobbie
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glade you made it
now let's get our fish on

Ascend FS128T
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