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Topic: Ocean Cove Fishing Tips  (Read 409 times)

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Hey guys,

Most of the time I fish lakes and rivers with the kayak but since I will be going camping to Ocean Cove this weekend, I want to try fishing off the kayak. I fished there a few years back off a PB but would love some tips and locations on where to fish with the kayak. I don't want to paddle out too far since it's my first time on the ocean with the kayak but I still want to catch some rock fish. I would love some pointers and tips on where to fish at ocean cove.



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Just did a quick search on "Ocean Cove" there are 48 pages of hits.

I know nothing about Ocean Cove, but in the spirit of helping you get the most out of this site/community, I would recommend the following when posting inquiries for fishing intel or tips...

1. Almost any topic you can think of has probably been discussed on this forum. Many topics have been covered at great length. There are many members who may not repeat information which can be found on existing threads. (Unless you demonstrate you have read them and just need to clarify a few things)

2. More than likely, if you have a quiet moment, you can find everything you want to know (and more) using the search function. Doing your due diligence will often result in people taking some of their own time to share intel.

3. When you find a good thread of information, look who started the topic or who added the most pertinent information for your purposes. Often times a personal message to these members will result in fruitful exchanges.

-you can also review the post history of people who's threads you find to be helpful. There are those on this site who are experts on a given area/fishery. Looking at past posts they have made can provide one with a tremendous wealth of information.

Hope this helps!
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If you have a fish finder look for some peaks and pinnacles. If not, just drop down and fish. They are everywhere, north and south. I usually fish in 60-100 feet there. It's not very far offshore to get that deep.
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I've never fished right off Ocean Cove but have fished above, SWN, Salt Pt, and below, Ft Ross. As Rob said if you have a FF, look for rocky, uneven bottom, big depth changes show dropoffs and ridges.

What I've found is that most points of land sticking out into the ocean have a corresponding rocky reef out in front of them.   

If it's a weekend and fishable there should be plenty of others out there, watch and learn, ask questions, fish where others are fishing, but definitely not to close,

I think the search function here is pretty limited, and brings you a ton of hits not well sorted and seems to just key in on words and not be subject specific.

I have found the bookmark function to be super helpful, when I find a thread that has info I want to retain, (but can't with my crappy memory) I just bookmark it.

I find that info is much more freely given (to me by people I've never met) thru PMs than on the open forum.

Good Luck, have fun and be safe.


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First of all, I don't recommend going alone.  Find someone on shore or shadow another, hopefully someone with experience.  And a second person makes the drag up the ramp a lot easier.  That said, the flat rock south of OC has always been productive.  Just a heads up.  To the immediate south of the flat rock, it shallows up really fast.  (Fish finder is really helpful.)  About the same distance from the mouth of OC beyond the flat rock is a real HEADS UP wash rock.  I fish on the south and west sides, 60 to 100 feet depth, always keeping an eye out for the break on the wash rock.  Shore side of the wash rock is a great place to donate tackle.  Between shallow rocks and kelp I've donated my share.  Good luck!


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Well now I feel pretty dumb for not searching the forums good enough. Because I did a quick search and couldn't turn up what I was looking for. I'll try to do a much deeper search.
Thank you for the input. Really helpful information. I did install a fish finder on my kayak a few weeks ago. I'll make sure to pay attention to it when I am out there.