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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Largemouth Bass guy  (Read 184 times)

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Hi all,

99 percent of the time I fish for bass. But on occasion I will fish the ocean. I want to expand this part of my "game" and I think this is a great forum to help me out. I rode a Wilderness Systems Ride 115 for several years before very recently upgrading to a Radar 135 with the pedal drive. Very pleased on how it handles in offshore water.

I live in San Jose and would like to fish out of Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. I've caught rockfish and lingcod on party boats before and I have decent knowledge on baits, my main question mark is cold water apparel and how/where to find them :p

Hope to fish with some of y'all soon.


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Welcome  :smt006 And as for cold water apparel, either wetsuit or drysuit. Pros and cons with both, but a lot of people eventually graduated to drysuit. Make sure you have comfortable yet warm layers underneath the drysuit.


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Welcome to NCKA.

I prefer the drysuit, Kokatat brand. No wet butts.
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I use Kokatat Tempest pants with built in socks and a dry top/paddle jacket. I wear Polar Tec or something similar under the pants and wool socks. My dive booties on my feet over the pants.
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Welcome, I prefer a wetsuit but I dive 50% of the time I fish so if you dont a drysuit is the way to go.


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Welcome to NCKA  :smt006  Get the dry suit if you can afford one.
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