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Topic: Summer rock crab in Tomales?  (Read 202 times)

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Hi all.

Anyone have any info on crabbing for rock crab in Tomales in summertime? Do they start molting at some point? Is the meat still good this time of year?

Never hear much about crabbing once Dungie season closes, but if the rockies are still good I might drop a few traps while jack smelting and taking a try for halibut this weekend.


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I've never crabbed Tomales, and I don't target rock crab anymore, but while you are waiting for a more knowledgeable reply, I say go for it. Regarding the meat, it seemed like the red rock crabs I caught last winter were light on meat, so I don't think ones you catch now are going to be much worse than that.

Rock crabs are about as close to a sure thing as you can get around here, so as long as you are dropping traps in reasonable spots you should catch them. If Tomales disappoints, the reefs at Half Moon Bay have plenty. There's at least one boat that fishes them commercially in HMB, and they have traps out right now.

Good luck!