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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Albion 2017 - Lost, and hopefully found!  (Read 413 times)

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the curd side storage hatch on the RV opened while leaving Albion (on Monday 8/14 at 10:30), driving on Hwy 128 and up until I noticed it on the Cloverdale on ramp on Hwy 101 (south) and lost some major gear! :smt013

a blue bin (with masking tape label "Dive Gear") with all my dive gear, flew out of the storage compartment; it had my dive belt, dive weights, mask, snorkle, gloves, socks and a bunch of other dive and fishing gear.

Also lost was a 2 man tent, a small box with an abalone shell and urchins shells... and maybe some other stuff that I havent noticed yet...

Hoping that an NCKAer may have saw it and picked in up...

Although a had one of my funnest Albion events so far (got back in a kayak and fished with my NCKA fam, got to do test out my new dive suit and gear), this is turning out to be my most costly trip; starting out with a tire blow and the tire destroying some RV parts when in blew out, losing one of the dually rim liners and now my precious new dive gear... :smt010

Maybe this is a sign that diving and kayaking is no longer in my cards.... :smt009
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Drove it at 10am-11am today and didn't see anything.  Now you won't be able to sell me that sweet weight belt when you stop diving...doh!

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Drove it at 10am-11am today and didn't see anything.  Now you won't be able to sell me that sweet weight belt when you stop diving...doh!

Damn dude you lost my suit.

Sorry to hear that  :smt010
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Bummer about all the lost things (including the $$ for the Rv). But between all the divers here, I'm sure we can find replacements for you. I have weights for a new belt and probably have other things I can dig up. There's an abandoned house about 1/2 mile from me that has like 65 spearguns.


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Sorry bro, did not see any of that on the way down 128.
It was good to see you at Albion.