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Topic: Collision at Sea, or (what to do when a pinhead wants you gone)  (Read 1647 times)

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When you say Fish Cop was that DFW?

Fish cop is a slang term for game warden/wildlife enforcement officer.  Very common to hear that phrase up in our area.


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No recourse with coast guard? 

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US Coast Guard took the report but stated that since it was private vessels involved, it was a civil matter.
The Sheriff has finished their investigation as far as I know and has submitted the case to the DA. We shall see what happens next.
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 Lets see, I thought that any vessel under power has to give right of way to those vessels not powered?   If this is correct (Wording may be off) then he clearly is in the wrong, having a motor onboard and coming up to you.  IDK, sucks it happened and that some asshats have to "Go there" to feel good about them self's.

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