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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Daiwa Lexa? Looking for advice.  (Read 430 times)

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Hi all,

Looking at the Daiwa Lexa 300 lefty to replace my RH Calcutta 400B. I just prefer a LH retrieve.

So after some research I'm looking at the Lexa 300.

I want a reel that can cover ground fish, halibut, and salmon. Is that a fair task to ask of the Lexa?

What gear ratio should I get?

Planning to get the power handle model.



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I think the Lexa can handle all of those things.

I would also look into:

Okuma Komodo 364P
Shimano Curado 301J

I own all three of these including the Lexa and find they're all fit for purpose and are all well made.  Just depends on the price you can get them at, all give good value.  I got the Komodo at 50% off, the Curado used off a craiglister, and the Lexa recently new at 50% off.  I don't believe in brand loyalty outside of ensuring you get a quality product for a good price.

I would stick to a 6:1 gear ratio, nice middle of the line for most things we do.


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I'v got a Lexa 300 LH 6:1 PH and really like it for casting for halibut, stripers and rockfish. If I could have only one salmon, ling/rock, sturgeon, halibut reel though it'd be my Avet MX.


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I have the Lexa 300 and the Okuma Komodo SS 364. I like the Komodo SS 364plx because it has clicker and saltwater rated.
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I've beat up a Lexa 300 forever. The Calcutta power handle will fit on the Lexa too. I use that reel for everything from rockfish to sturgeon. Love it.

I'm a HOE (hard on equipment) too, so that thing has held up with minimal washing g, fiddling, and general maintenance

I've also got a couple of avets and toros,  but the Lexa seems to be my go to.


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Just to add a few more possibles.  I had a Abu Revo Toro naci 50 and loved it.. Personally I like magnetic centrifugal break combo if you plan to cast a lot.  The larger handles work great and you can really notice a difference if your casting larger plugs all day like in bass fishing.  In that regard I think it makes it more versatile.  same reel for salt jigging, then then a great long casting reel for plugs too.  They've since replaced the revo toro with revo beast and revo winch type reels.

another reel I've been looking at is the KastKing Spartacus Maximus at $99 the only thing it lacks is extreme line capacity,  although with 20lb braid it should be plenty.  I have the KastKing Spartacus and all in all its a good reel for $40. Its not built like my Curado HD but I can buy 4 for the price of one and it does cast better (love the magnetic centrifugal break combo).  Next time I'm out rockfishing I plan to use the spartacus with 12lb braid and a good leader.  half the weight of my regular jigging setup and a lot better balanced to the tip feel a lot lighter.
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Im with you on that. Why is LH retrieve primarily on spin reels? I prefer LH retrive as well...