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Topic: Launch Spots near SLO or Pismo Beach?  (Read 280 times)

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I'm headed down to Pismo Beach with the family on Thursday for about a week and thinking of bringing along the kayaks.  Does anyone know of a good place to launch near Pismo Beach/San Luis Obispo?


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There are many good launch spots out there. Just down the street from Central Coast Kayaks in Shell Beach you can launch for rockfish and halibut. You can also drive out to the Avila / Port San Luis area and fish the sandy beaches for halibut.

Or drive out to Montana de Oro and launch from Spooners Cove - good rockfishibg out there. Or drive north a little and launch near the Cayucos pier - rockfish and halibut available.

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I used to launch off the dog beach on your way to port San Luis from Avila, easy walk down the boat launch and a short drag across the sand.  The university pier is decent fishing, and if you head down to the kelp and rocks by pirates cove, there are some nice fish down there.  It is a paddle, but I was never disappointed there.  I drug the sand for Halibut but never did very well.  The Jetty to the west of the launch at the entrance to the bay can hold some fish, but can be hit and miss.

Montana De Oro/Spooners cove is a nice spot and one of my favorites for scenery.  Lots of rock reefs to fish just off shore, and an easy launch and landing on most days. 

Watch the wind and launch early because more times than not the wind picks up in the afternoon.

Check out Central Coast Kayak Anglers for details on all the spots, and fishing reports.  Not sure if you fish the kelp much, but I did better with weedless jigheads and rigged my dropper flies weedless (texposed).  That kelp eats exposed hooks!  I drilled my 2-4 oz heads and glued fiber weed-guards on them which really helped.  I always did well with 5-6" swimbaits on a 2-4 oz head, and a smaller grub or swimbait on a dropper.  I loved pulling out into the holes in the thick kelp and dropping the bait into the kelp forest.  It is a challenge pulling the fish up through the kelp sometimes!  Have fun and I look forward to the report!


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Thank you both for the input. I think we've mapped out our plan. Hopefully I'll be posting again in a few days with a good report.

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