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Topic: Preaching the PFD message ...  (Read 2496 times)

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I'll admit I never wear one anymore. When I first started kayaking I did but at some point I stopped not sure when. Then again I mostly kayak fish the delta, sac and American so it's a bit different from the ocean. But yeah I have gotten shit from other people for not wearing it and it does get low key annoying especially when it's not presented in the best way. I'll take my risks and you take yours. Iv taken the risk of swimming to and from alcatraz, angel island etc with a wet suit and no wetsuit so I think the risk of kayaking with no pfd is small in comparison. As far as preaching it i never tell anyone anything unless I'm taking a kid on my kayak or see block head swimming in fast parts of the ar. oh and hey what's natural selection ? ;)

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