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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Speaking of PFDs ...  (Read 366 times)

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When's the last time you checked if you PFD is worn out and needs replacement?


Or when's the last time you double checked the fit, that all straps are secured snuggly, all zippers are zipped fully when in use, and that the PFD doesn't move freely when someone tries to lift you by the shoulder straps?

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Gee Allen kinda gloomy topics today....

Bite should pick up with the change in the tide!


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Every time, except my current body profile defies passing the shoulder-strap lift test.   :smt003
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I last tested my PFD fit in May during a self rescue hookup. One person other than myself showed up to that hookup  :smt044
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I last tested my PFD fit in May during a self rescue hookup. One person other than myself showed up to that hookup  :smt044

This . May too .1 person other than myself . Granted the scheduling had a few bumps and may have discouraged participation . One person notified me they had to work and another had a last minute change of plans due to a family commitment . Most of those that said they were going to participate were a no show .
I haven't had my kayak on the water since  anyway .
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