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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: How many safety issues can you see in these pictures?  (Read 1288 times)

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O come on guy loosen up you can do anything on the water or boat
Yesterday at the lake guy were pulling a boat out and one guy was standing on the trailer tongue if he lost his balance the boat would help him fall in front of the wheels
A wake boat was doing what it's designed for creating a wake in the no wake zone and maybe 30 feet from the dock I can only imagine what would have happened if someone was boarding perhaps a child when crushing blows from the pitching dock and boat came togather
Years ago we had a jet ski jump a wake and land killing half the family on board and a guy that literally took his own head off diving off a cliff he was decapatated at the neck when hitting rocks below the water it took a week to find the head
The lists to long love and hate living near so many lakes
Just be safe as resonable
glade you made it
now let's get our fish on

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