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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: 2017 PIF $$ Update...  (Read 857 times)

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Just wanted to check in and give you all un update on where we are with PIF $$ so far in 2017.

2017 so far:

-$5,000 given to Pacific's GF...

-$2,500 given to Sheri...

-$2,000 given to Steph:

-$500 given from Raydon to Steph:

Quote from: raydon on April 23, 2017, 08:34:39 PM

For the official count on money given to Steph's family, I gave her mom a $500 check today while I was at the hospital. She said she is going to have to see an attorney tomorrow to get guardianship filed.  Her mother is very up beat and optimistic. The father, is worried and reserved. God I hope this turns out OK for Steph.

In case you track this sort of thing.  Raydon sold a trailer and PIF'd the amount ($500) to Steph's family.


-$9,600 given to Steph:

-$11,480 raised through the Kayak and Guided Trip raffles by Rider for Steph

-$1,000 raised by the Branson Baits/Wingshooter Rollins Event Raffle for Steph

-$3,025 raised by the GS11 raffle for Steph

-$15,505 from Kayak/Trip Raffle $ ($11,480), Rollins Raffle $ ($1,000), and GS11 Raffle $ ($3,025) were donated for Steph.

-$15,505 raised for Steph minus $9,600 already given to her family, leaves us $5,905 still designated for her.

-We will be "earmarking" $6,000 of the PIF balance for Steph to give to her family when they request it.

-Sctrace is in contact with the family and they currently do not need additional $$ but for sure they will in the future to help with the rehab process, and if they need more than the $6,000 that we have earmarked we can of course give more from the remaining PIF funds...

PayPal is currently at $11,962.61 and checking is at $193.81 for a total of $12,156.42

$1,500 of that belongs to AOTY/DOTY for awards, so we have $10,656.42 in PIF money.

$6,000 of that belongs to Steph, so we have a balance of $4,656.42.

The ARW ButtFest is donating $2,200 to PIF so once that posts we will have a balance of $6,856.42, and we still have the actual PIF Paddle/Raffle coming up on 7/29.

$ actually donated so far in 2017: $19,600
$ raised for Steph in 2017: $18,100 ($12,100 donated already, $6,000 still in PayPal)

Total of 2017 PIF $$ once ARW donation posts (both given and still in PayPal): $32,456.42

Please let me know if any of you have any questions at all...

As always, we want to be as transparent as possible with all this...




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Thanks for all the leg works Jim.
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That is really Awesome!! I didn't know that PIF has donated so much $$ to Steph!! What an awesome fucking community.
Mahalo Big Jim for your Kokua to make PIF help do many people.
da Bruddah
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I got a question...

How are you able to manage all these numbers!

 becuase you're a cool guy that's apart of a cool family?!

Thank you for all you're work!
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unbelievable!!   that's alot of love,,,and alot of work to stay on top of it!

THANKS Jim! and EVERYONE ELSE who has been a part of this thing.

The A-Hulls are the core of all things good!!!  thanks for doing what you do!
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The ARW donation of $2,200 has officially posted... :smt007 :smt007

Current PayPal Balance is $14,268.82 and checking is $193.81 for a total of $14,462.63

$1,500 of this belongs to AOTY/DOTY for awards. ($14,462.63-$1500=$12,962.63)

$6,000 of this belongs to Steph. ($12,962.63-$6,000=$6,962.63)

Remaining PIF balance is $6,962.63

THANK YOU once again to everyone for all their help and support!!!



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Been a BUSY year for PIF....

Here's a quick recap of the donations we gave out in 2017...

-$5,000 given to Pacific's GF Pamela
-$2,500 given to Sheri
-$2,500 given to Steph
-$9,600 given to Steph
-$6,000 raised for Steph still in PIF PayPal
-$5,000 given to Rini
-$3,000 given to PinSeeker_11
-$3,000 from Native Raffle given to VictorG
-$3,000 from Native Raffle given to PinSeeker_11
-$3,500 given to FM1's family for mother's final expenses

That's a total of $43,100...the most PIF has given out in one year ever...

Between PayPal and the PIF Checking we still have $2,615 in PIF reserves for future need (this is after taking into consideration the $6,000 we have set aside for Steph, the $1,500 for AOTY/DOTY awards).

I hope the actions we have taken this year have been in line with what the community wants from us, and please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.



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Holy cow!!!!!!!!

Incredible group we have here.
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