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Topic: ARW tournament RED ALERT  (Read 322 times)

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If you are coming into Alameda for the tournament be AWARE that Webster st will be blocked from Pacific ave all the way to Central ave. It would be best to come out of the tunnel and turn right at Appezatto Way and continue to Main st where you turn left. Continue to the entrance for the launch just before the High school and turn right.
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thanks for the heads-up godfather :) I usually take Willie Stargell to Main but looks like Appezatto is more direct.


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The 24 hour Jack in the Box is on the left at the corner of Eagle and Webster about two blocks before Pacific Ave. This is the only place, I know of, in the area that will be open for a hot breakfast and a pit stop. I try to avoid sitting in Porta-Potties
The next street is Buena Vista where you can turn right go to 5th and down to Central or left to take Constitution Way to 8th to Central
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I think I usually take a right on Atlantic.

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Quote from: crazyfisher
thanks for the heads-up godfather

Dude's legit. 

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