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Topic: Wtb:scupper hole cart hobie outback  (Read 378 times)

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My scupper cart punched holes in my scuppers and caused me to sink out on the Sonoma Coast. I don't care if I have to carry my shit over my head from bnow on, never using a scupper cart again. good luck.


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If you are handy you can order just the wheels from wheeleez and fabricate your own cart to however you want it to be.  With the price north of $250 for a kayak cart, you might as well build something specific to your needs with stainless fasteners, aluminium conduit, foam padding, and nylon webbing.  If I hadn't gotten in on a group buy years ago at a great deal I would have gone in that direction.  I do have the single wheel cart for my G2 and its perfect for that kayak where a standard wheeleez kayak cart wouldn't work very well.

Just keep pressure off of the scuppers for the reasons mentioned by others.


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As AlsHobieOutback said Hobie's have reinforced scupper openings and are designed to take plug in their carts.
My first post is specific to Hobie kayaks because that's all I own.  They had cracking issues in older models and corrected this by reinforcing the outer scupper holes with a plastic sheath. I use the plug in cart for short hauls only.  I wouldn't use for it going up and down a hill like at GS.

If I owned another kayak brand I'd use Wheeleez.  Overall Wheeleez is the best way to go.
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like fishingaddict...I have both the heavy duty scupper cart as well as the wheelez. I like the plug in cart since its faster to load than the wheelez.

I saw this video of how to put the hd cart into the kayak in the water...pretty sweet!!

but like everyone mention, the hobie made a reinforce scupper to prevent damage.

I guess i'll be bringing my wheelez up to GS next week for that long haul up the hill  :smt010