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Topic: H.O.W. Shasta CA Update  (Read 195 times)

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Appreciate all the support, participants and volunteers this spring for our tournament.

We are taking a family out this Saturday and working with local VA Caregivers Support Program plus the VA Clinical Social Workers who work directly with returning combat veterans to set up future outings either individuals or small groups.

If you can help with this type outing please let me know, could be during week or weekends. We generally will only need a couple volunteers for 1 - 3 hours. Sometimes it will be kayaking only.

As of now it will be on Whiskeytown or Shasta Lake, we are looking into possibility of private lakes, ponds. if you are in Redding/Red Bluff area or know someone in this area that might be able to help with private fishing locations please let me know.

With the funds we raised from tournament we are in the process of purchasing a couple kayaks, a few PFD's and some paddles.

We are also looking for a 4 - kayak trailer. Our goal is to have the trailer sitting readily available any time a local veteran wants to go fishing. If you have a trailer in good shape you would be interested in selling to us or if you are a business or have contacts with a business that might be able to help please feel free to contact me. We do have some options but want to make sure we are spending our funds the best way possible. Of course donations of equipment or money are always welcome.

Thanks, any questions feel free to message me through NCKA, email or call.

Bryan Rusk
Bryan Rusk
Heroes On The Water
Shasta CA Chapter Coordinator