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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: AlbionOpen2017 Final RosterPg.1 Please check your clothing order Goes in 7/24  (Read 11065 times)

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Hey Hojo
Thanks for letting me relive last week!
Good Stuff ,

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Yes , thank you HoJo
For all you do for the NCKA community
Great pictures


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Awesome pics Hojo!!! You da man!!!
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Thanks a bunch Craig and Linelle.

Big thank you to Sean White (SCWAfish/SBD) who started the madness for me back in 2008 at BAM camp when Tote won.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while and that's what happened to me...luck plus Jacks, BaldEagle, Rockroach, AbKing and a few other big hitters didn't show.

No one lifted me up after winner was announced like Joe "Bloodbath" Flores...☹️

AbChild's face at the raffle was priceless!  Reminded me of 6 years ago when Craig first took over this event.  She could of won Monantan8ive's elk liver and onions and she would have still loved it.  But the crab trap and gift certificates were awesome!

Amadeo's art work is incredible!  It will hang over my dinning room table....Thank you!

PS. comment from my diving and fishing buddy, last years winner BATT:   "Congrats again:  No way would I have guessed 20# on that Ling.   Must be dwarfed by the guy holding it." 
Response:  "There is only one Big Jim and he has a stronger hand shake."

Few pics, some originals and some Hojo and others...my faves....
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No one lifted me up after winner was announced like Joe "Bloodbath" Flores...☹️

 :smt044 :smt044 Congrats again buddy!
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Congrats James.
I guess fishing picked up for you there at the end eh?  :smt003
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.


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Hey! That liver was bomb!!! Congrats my friend, most deserving!
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Congrats on the win!!

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You never know how many friends you have until you've attended an Albion tournament.  Wow!  Everyone I met and introduced myself to knew me from the forum here.  What a fellowship and gathering of friends.  Thank you, Craig and your bride, who give up so much to make this happen.  Thank you Old Fart for being my fishing partner and to your wife for being such a wonderful friend to both me and Denise.  When I tell people that I compete fishing on the ocean in a kayak, they are amazed.  But not as much as I am!  Ha!  Then I show them Hojo's photos and some on the water and they are even more amazed that there are that many other nuts like me.  Ha! 
Three cheers to everyone involved with this event.
Hip Hip Hurrah, Hip Hip Hurrah, HIP HIP HURRAH! 

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Congratulations on a well deserved win. I was glad to hear you were the angler of the day and that you did it without following Jacks' kayak. I will now abandon my brother and follow your kayak!


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Congratulations James on showing how to get it done. Wish my brother and I could have been there to celebrate your victory with you, but, we are currently dealing with a family matter.


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Big congrats to one of the nicest guys and best sportsmen in our club. 

Well done, Craig and Linelle, Hojo, Shulanders and all who worked hard to make Albion great as always. 

Wish I could've been there. 

I am a licensed guide.  DFW Guide ID:  1000124.   Let's do a trip together.

Loleta Eric's Guide Service

loletaeric@yahoo.com - call me up at (707) 845-0400


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Was a happy time all weekend! Smiles all around even when the cameras were off. Thanks everyone for creating this bubble! Love Y'all and can't wait till next time.
Summer time is here! Love this time of year....


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Finished up the video from the trip. A long drive from Az but always worth it. Best group of people hands down. Hope to see everyone soon!!



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Great video

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