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Topic: PIF Donation Letter  (Read 458 times)

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I put this together recently and thought I would post it here in case anybody wants to use it to solicit donations from companies etc.

You'll see that I changed A-Hulls to "PIF Committee" to make us sound a little more "professional"... :smt002 :smt005 :smt044

To whom it may concern,

Pay It Forward (PIF) was started in 2010 to help Joel “Mooch” Lotilla with the medical costs associated with his cancer diagnosis. PIF raises $ throughout the year in a variety of ways (Tournament registration fees, annual PIF Paddle and Party, personal donations, raffles etc).

Historically, PIF $ has gone to members of the NorCal Kayak Angler (NCKA) community battling cancer or other serious illness.

Since 2010, PIF has raised and donated over $100,000 to various member of the NCKA community.

Here is a breakdown of how much $ has been generated via PIF efforts over the years:

2010: $6,000
2011: $9,000
2012: $8,000
2013: $10,000
2014: $15,300
2015: $11,480
2016: $15,500
2017: $25,700 so far

The PIF committee will decide (with input from the NCKA community) who to donate PIF $ to.

Factors that are considered include:

-NCKA membership. PIF $ is for members of the NCKA family/community.
-Level of financial need. PIF $ is for NCKA members who need financial help to deal with cancer/serious illness.
-Status in the NCKA community. PIF $ ideally will go to positive, active members of the NCKA community. This is not a popularity contest, and sincere consideration is given to each potential recipient.

The PIF committee discusses each nomination, makes a decision and posts that decision and our rationale on the PIF forum.

This year’s annual Pay It Forward Paddle/Raffle/Potluck and party will be held on Saturday July 29th at Del Monte beach in Monterey, and we already have a Hobie 13 Quest kayak as the grand prize.


THANK YOU for your support of PIF, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Jim Russell, PIF committee



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Apply for non-profit status? Companies would be more agreeable to donating, if so.

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Nothing wrong with the way it is now Hojo. :smt006.. Looks GREAT JIM! :smt008
..........Sincerly A-Hull Muggle.


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It looks good to me Jim!
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 I am so damned proud of PIF and all the folks that work so hard to make it work
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keep up the great work. :smt007
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Quote from: e2g
I am so damned proud of PIF and all the folks that work so hard to make it work


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