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Topic: Fly fishing for stripers help and hints  (Read 700 times)

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I'm going nuts lakes five minutes away but the wind has been off the charts
I really want to play with my toys
I learned a little about my reel aperantly there's no brake on this old roybi dose that really matter ?
I really have no experience with fly poles reels
But I added six feet of sinking leader behind the tippit/line
Rated at 6' per hope that's about right
glade you made it
now let's get our fish on

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I'm not sure I understand how you rigged the sinking line.  I rig a monofilament leader to a sinking tip to the fly line, and that's the order you should use.  You're better off using plain old monofilament - Maxima Chameleon is my choice - as a leader than using a store-bought tapered leader plus a tippet.

You asked about how a sink tip affects casting.  It changes everything.  Practice without a hook, first, if you value your ears.   :smt003

While you don't need the Very Best Stuff, and you don't absolutely need a fly reel with a drag system, but you're going to have your hands full if you hook anything much bigger than a trout.  If you hook a big, energetic fish, like a striper, you'll be playing it with just the palm of your hand against the reel, and that can lead to heartbreak.

I don't know if that fly rod is slow - soft and wiggly for most of it's length - or fast - stiff with only the top flexing.  don't know how long the rod is, either.  Hard to tell you if you're in the ballpark with your line/sink tip/leader without knowing more about the rod.
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