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Topic: WTB: RIB 18'-20'  (Read 259 times)

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Hey guys, I've been looking for a nice RIB around 18-20 feet.  I've found a few here and there but keep getting screwed out of the sale by quick buyers.  My budget is around $10k (unless there's something I can't pass up ;).  Please PM me if you know of anyone wanting to sell.



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Just out of curiousity... why a RIB?

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There is a 1996 18 ft Nautica on spearboard (not mine)


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A couple listed in Sacramento CL.  One 16' w/ 40 Hp outboard $5300....not mine...little smaller than you wanted...

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Here you go  :smt001
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Test drive for sure.  At one time I was going to buy one of the older ones.  unless stored inside they may have seam issues from sun exposure and re gluing hypalon or PVC has their own unique issues.  Needless to say it may hold air just fine but like one of my test runs when I put the engine to the test the transom flexed and water poured in.  I have seen several RIB over the years that have had seal issues.  Many times the engine has a better resale value than the boat and each material has its own life expectancy so I really hope you find one that was taken care of really well. 
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Thanks guys!  I've seen the current CL ads and continue to search them.  I want something light, fast, and extremely capable, which is why I decided on a RIB.