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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Pay it Forward passes the $100,000 mark....  (Read 1057 times)

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When we started Pay It Forward in 2010 I don't think anyone had any idea how much money we would be able to raise, and how many people we would be able to help...

This morning we have officially raised over $100,000 through all the various efforts, raffles, donations, tournaments etc...

Here is a breakdown of what has been raised and donated since this all began with porky (bp)'s idea of doing something to help raise $$ for Mooch while celebrating being on the water with our brother and sisters...

2010: $6,000+ given to Mooch
2011: $9,000+ given to Mooch/Shicken
2012: $8,000+ given to Mooch/Shicken
2013: $10,000+ given to Mooch
2014: $15,300+ given to Porky's daughter Hailey
2015: $11,480 total ($1,120 given to PAL, $10,360 given to Jack Forney)
2016: $15,500 total ($2,500 to young Frankie for his battle with Brain Cancer, $3,000 to MontanaN8V to help with his health problems, $10,000 to Raquel Pass for her battle with Breast Cancer)

2010-2016 total: $75,280

2017 so far:
$19,600 donated in 2017 so far...
$12,100 of that for Steph...PayPal transfers of $2,000 and $9,600 and donation of $500 from Raydon
$5,000 for Pacific's GF...
$2,500 for Sheri...

PayPal is currently at $6,473 and checking is at $193...$1,500 of that belongs to AOTY/DOTY so PIF has $5,166 on hand for when Steph's family says the word...

$75,280 from past years plus $19,600 donated so far in 2017 plus $5,166 in account equals $100,046

THANK YOU to all of you for all your help and support of PIF over the years...very proud to be a part of all this.

While obviously we are all very worried and praying for Steph, I think it is important to acknowledge the amount of love and goodwill and compassion that we have generated for her and everyone else who we have been able to help through our collective efforts...



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That's awesome! Thanks for keeping track of all this Jim.


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WOW....  That is awesome.
I'm so glad to be part of this.
Keep up the great work .

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I am proud to be a part of this community!
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You guys rock! All of you reading this.

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Very proud to call myself a Nor Cal Kayak Angler!!!! Without YOU this coulnt be even possible!!! The generosity of this club never seases to amaze me! Great job guys and gals!! Much love from an A-Hull muggle... :smt008
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What a huge  accomplishment !  Congratulations to the NCKA Family and community. You guys and gals just keep getting better with age !!

   :cheers:  :cheers:  :groupwave  :beer3  :smt059
Enjoying my Family.


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This is amazing, I am proud to be a part of this big family.
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That is incredible and encouraging news :smt038!! Thanks for sharing and being an open book with everything. It makes giving so much easier when you know it goes to helping someone in our community; not like most organizations that only get 10%-20% of money donated. 
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Great work, NCKA!  :smt001
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A very HISTORIC mark in NCKA. We all have one thing in common and that is love for others.
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NCKA is the BEST! 

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Makes me so proud to be part of this FAMILY!
I'm so happy I can help make a real difference in the lives of our own.

Way to go PIF crew, thank you for selflessly making this happen year after year!!
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wow that's huge! im so proud to be a part of it!

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Strong work A-Hulls and NCKA!!! 
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