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Topic: TI vs AI  (Read 1160 times)

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been taking the wife out on the AI
its a wet ride of course the tandem would be more comfortable for her and allow better control  since she would not be in my lap
 but would it be any drier
and is the TI relly that much more to load and unload
glade you made it
now let's get our fish on

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Iíve had a TI for 2 years and bought it so my wife and I could enjoy being on the water together. I load & unload the boat myself. I use a Rhino Rack and have loaded it on top of my Sequoia and Tacoma. It isnít light, but with practice, you can ďalmostĒ make it look easy. Frankly, the most difficult thing is lifting the bow up from shoulder height to overhead to clear the Rhino Rack. After that, itís easy peasy.
Iím 61, 5í-7Ē, and not in super physical shape, but I can load it solo.
Good luck!!!


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I've never handled an AI before, but I would assume its not light enough to be moved without wheels by one person.  Following that assumption I doubt you will notice much difference between the two kayaks.  I love my tandem island.  2 people fishing its perfect, even 3 at times makes for a fun time.   


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I think most if not all tandems the front take more splashing than the rear rider. I noticed that in both my hobie tandem i14 and outfitter.
It will definitely be lesser of a wet ride in the TI than AI.


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The TI is not that difficult to load and unload, even by yourself. As long as you have a sturdy roof rack, and do everything in slow, precise steps, it's quite simple. You can take it out solo, but with a 2nd person is more fun and easier. Definitely recommended!
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Yup, and on my boat the front seat is more dry due to the trampolines and kayaking Bob's spray skirt. The rear seat is the wet seat


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How about an AI with haka bench(es) on the aka bars?

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I went from AI to TI for same reason.
I use rhino to load on roof of chev tahoe - very doable.
I prefer to load in back of chev Tahoe using trunk bed extender for harbor freight.
Put rollers on cross bar for easier loading.

Use by myself, and with friends.
Tahoe, delta, drakes estro, tomales bay